Italbalcanica is a FMCG distributor, specialised in the launch and distribution of Italian (but not only, even if this was our genesi) on the Balcans Markets (but not only).

We have contributed to create in this area brands of big success and market share and this thank to our professional approach and to a perfect combination very few of our competitors can have: a very efficient (low cost) distribution and at the same time powerfull and a intense cooperation with our principle in terms of marketing and control of the grey and parallel market.

This latest point is extremely important in this area where goods move everywhere at any price creating big barriere at the image building of the products. Our serious approach convinced all the principles we cooperated with and together succeded to establish serious and stable market presence even in markets where speculation was the must.

We devoted our energy basically to the balcan markets as we believe there will be a long lasting growth but we are also distributing in other areas and we are continuously expanding.

One very important point for the future supplier: we cooperate with every supplier respecting all the direction and distributing in markets granted by commitment and not distributing in other markets with other exclusive distributor. All the brands we are working with are our refrence for that.